Every minute, Healthcare 311 provides someone basic information about local, regional and national resources for routine, non-emergency health care.

Healthcare 311 may be used by anyone who wants to locate and learn more about walk-in clinics, retail clinics, and/or convenient care clinics quickly and easily. People at hundreds of enterprises across the US have used Healthcare 311 to locate retail clinics. Why not join them? Click to run your own search for retail clinics now.

Inspired in part by local non-emergency general information services now operating in several US cities, its aim is to help people quickly and easily find and access non-emergency health care across the United States.

Healthcare 311 is published by benefits information group, 500 Monroe Tpke, Ste 311, Monroe, CT. benefits information group is led by Gregory Judd, a career private sector health benefits executive. Healthcare 311 content is assembled from multiple location and information sources. Each news capsule about the industry and specific organizations cites its publisher, author(s), dates of publication, and costs, if any, for access. Healthcare 311 visitors are not required to pay for access to clinic locations information, our search utilities, or any news capsules.

Healthcare 311 does not provide medical advice. Consult medical professionals with any questions you have about care you choose to obtain from any medical practitioner.

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